Scott Francis

Why did you decide to live in Asahikawa?

My wife is Japanese and I followed her here. We met in New York City and moved here, so Asahikawa is the only place I’ve lived in Japan. I like living in Asahikawa because it has many amenities of a city, but it doesn't feel too big. In the winter though, it feels like living on the North Pole.

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Do you like sports? Did you often go to games in America?

New York METS I like sports in America. I watched a lot of baseball and American football. I would often go to New York Mets baseball games when I lived in NYC. Since living in Japan, I have been to a few Nippon Ham Fighters games both in Asahikawa and in Sapporo. I would like to go to a sumo tournament sometime in the future.

What do you find interesting about living in Japan?

I find the culture in Japan to be the most interesting and different aspect of living here. The people here are more polite and friendly. I also really like the food in Japan. I eat a lot of it.

How did you start studying Japanese?

I didn't start learning Japanese until I moved here, so I'm still a beginner. I started learning with apps. I now use a textbook and practice with my wife.

What’s the trickiest thing about Japanese?

Everything! The trickiest thing is learning the characters, especially kanji.

If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

That`s a tough question. I would probably spend some of it on travel. I like to travel to different countries and experience new cultures so if I had a million dollars some of it would go to traveling.

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