Kendall Bharath

How did you study Japanese?

I started studying Japanese in high school at 14, and then went on a homestay to Nagoya when I was 16. I continued to study Japanese in university for two more years. After that, I moved to a small town in Japan and was forced to use Japanese every day, just to live life normally. I bought some books that I could use for self-study, which included grammar, vocabulary and kanji. I studied these books almost every day for a few years.

There are a few things that I did to force myself to use Japanese, like changing my default language to Japanese on my computer and phone, watch TV shows in Japanese with Japanese subtitles, reading manga in Japanese with a dictionary.


What’s the best thing about Asahikawa? 

天人峡の滝 The best thing about Asahikawa is being so close to nature while still being in a city. There are wonderful paths running through the city beside the rivers, thick green forests to explore, high mountains for climbing and snowboarding, and it’s not too far to get to the ocean. Also, summer is relatively short compared to the rest of Japan and I hate summer.

What do you want from Canada to be brought into Japan? 

I miss having restaurants that serve breakfast food. In Japan, the only places that serve breakfast meals are hotels, but in Canada there are many restaurants that serve pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausages and fruits.

Canadian breakfast

Whenever you visit Canada, what stands out to you?

The first thing I notice is that everything is too big! Houses, chairs, cars, roads, drinks, food, people, everything is bigger than it needs to be. After that, the second thing I notice is that people who work in stores don’t use polite language. They aren’t necessarily rude, but they speak to you in a more relaxed way as they would speak to a friend.



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